Accountants Are No Longer Just Bored With Their Jobs, There’s Something Else…

By Ed Emerson

Nearly two-thirds of accountants will be actively looking for a new job within the next six to 12 months, according to global job board

The now six-year-old annual survey reveals the top reason is to work abroad, replacing the previous leading response of having not received a pay rise or promotion, which fell to second place amongst 24% of respondents. The research suggests a greater deal of faith in the jobs market, though perhaps not in the UK. Issues with company culture came in with 16% of as the third leading reason for changing jobs.

The main reason for moving abroad for work was cited as looking for a better work-life balance in Western Europe (21%) and North America (15%), followed by the Middle East (13%).

Simon Wright, Operations Director at, said:

“Money and status are always going to feature high as to why accountants are looking for a new job. Yet the latest research shows an interesting shift. Work/life balance and better job prospects are perceived to be the biggest draw for heading to foreign climes…Another red-flag has been raised because nearly a fifth of accountants on the move are doing so because they don’t like the company culture.”

The research was carried out amongst 1700 accountants, auditors, the newly-qualified, CFOs, managers, FDS, CFOS and partners. 

According to Sageworks and Accounting Today, the industry as a whole is, “feeling confident about business prospects driven by U.S. economic growth. The top accounting positions predicted to experience large pay spikes include senior compliance analysts, controllers, and senior financial analysts.

“The accounting industry has an unemployment rate well below the national average, leading hiring managers to provide competitive compensation packages.

“Salary increases, however, are not the only things changing in 2015. Job flexibility, telecommuting options, and increased paid time off (PTO) are trending as compensation incentives as well. In fact, Forbes recently named tax managers as one of its 10 High-Paying Flexible Jobs.”

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