Ain’t Too Proud to Beg…

E L Emerson

Inundated with negative information, fills us up like a blister in the hot sun. Every headline, every word like a cobblestone to economic hell: Trump; Nuclear; Wall; Kim; Yellen; Rates; P/E; Overvalued; Emerging; Cash; Stocks; Europe; China; Climate; Brexit…

What utter bullshit.

This stuff is more frustrating than a 45 second YouTube commercial before a 20 second video, and as unnecessary as ambiguous restroom signs.

Commentators win arguments by changing the start and end dates. The perfect teeth of assumptions chew up facts and wash them down with tasty and convincing irrelevance. We’re like dogs chasing invisible sticks in the tall grass.

What about the gains, the missing inflation, the lower oil prices, the corporate earnings?

Where’s the record-breaking market high-fives, the negative bond return warnings, the cheap borrowing opportunism, the “It’s going up despite all the shenanigans” admissions?

Why no failed apocalyptic prediction apologies from Edwards, Dent, Maudlin and Co.? Why no masses of investor townsfolk burning torches at the doors of these Franken-shysters?

Acknowledge the track records alongside the predictions. 

We never say the planes all landed safely today.    

Reality please.

Ain’t too proud to beg.

E L Emerson, HNW 

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