Stock Market Sherpas – Pessimism Hurts Profits

Exactly a year ago “pessimists” were fretting over what they called an “expected hard landing” (whatever that is) in China, doubling it up with “deflation fears” in the West. Anybody noticed that suddenly it’s Inflation Fears, Brexit and Trump that’s renewed their Valium prescriptions? (One good thing about these folks though is that their elbows and rear ends are interchangeable).

And the Band ‘Played Up’ Instead of ‘Playing On’…


Why aren’t we reading more about the accelerating bull trend cited by Barry Ritholtz and Jonathan Krinsky on The Big Picture, and the performance of chemicals and manufacturing as strong underlying indicators of a strengthening US economy on Scott Grannis’s Calafia Beach Pundit, or how best to wipe your financial slate clean for the coming year on Wade Slome’s Investing Caffeine?