Burnt Toast – The Wrong Jong


“Please, make it stop…”

Chris Clarke

Angry Trump-snubbed CNN attacks Tweet-mad President with claims from multiple unnamed top level sources… Hey, hold on. What? No names? Even my hamster has a name. Pick up the flag. No foul on the play.

Playboy brings naked pictures back to the fold, so to speak. Is that to entice paid subscriptions against what they can see for free on the Internet? Who’s in charge of strategy over there, Hef? Can’t even tell your wife anymore that you buy it for the top level writers and articles. Someone call Rolling Stone…

Kim Jong-nam poisoned by female assassins at airport. Eh…wrong Jong.

After exhausting list of alleged impacts, Brexit now accused of interfering with Hadron Collider, accelerating apocalypse.

Today’s most depressing story of the day award goes to Richard Murphy from The Joy of Tax who soothsays 2017 will suck, we’re all screwed and there’s no hope. Richard, try a single malt and some Aloe Blacc.

And finally, this from Barry Ritholtz (below). Look at the picture, folks. Good stock markets overcome evil ones – at least in America. Buy in before the rest of the investor herd numpties do and the value grab begins to ebb.

history of us bull and bear markets since 1926

More burnt toast for breakfast tomorrow.

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