Investor Points of Few – The Unidentified Financial Omissions (UFO) Index

According to official figures reported by the Office Of National Statistics (aka, the Office of Notional Statistics, aka, Oops Not Sure, aka Owns No Sums), the total net worth of the UK at the end of 2015 was a whopping £8.8 trillion. A year later at the end of 2016, the ONS said the UK’s net worth had risen to £9.8 trillion. Then the Oops Not Sure mob’s bean counters decreed the increase of £803 billion was the biggest rise on record…

Investor Points of Few – Building the Perfect Bubble

It’s been suggested in some circles that a “bubble” is any bull market where you don’t have a position. Well, that’s the so-called “amusing observation” anyway, and certainly one that defines the now eight-year-plus investor zeitgeist; where every significant market movement in either direction is like a bowel in the throws of ablutions. It seems we just can’t get a break towards any collective positivity. And maybe that’s a good thing.