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What HNW Is About…

We want people to read HNW if they’re interested in creating a different life for themselves. If that’s not you then you’re in the wrong place.

Here we talk about start up business strategy, how to achieve high-growth, and effective small business leadership, as well as insights into personal wealth creation; with a keen focus on the stock market and what HNW sees as The New Dollar – the emerging cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium. 

Our Editorial Content

Each day we provide new content on-site, including:

HNW’s Start Up Diaries

Cutting edge daily insights into the practical realities of start up businesses and how to overcome common challenges.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

HNW believe that one of the pillars of any online start up businesses is driving traffic to your website. We talk about the most effective and free ways to do it.

Bitcoin: The New Dollar

The first time an article appeared in a British newspaper about Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies was May 2011. Now a single Bitcoin is worth over $10,000 (£7,400). HNW charts the progress of the world’s newest currency system.

Investor Points of Few

The chairman of award-winning Linlithgow-based wealth management firm, Alan Steel Asset Management, provides us with the type of wealth creation insights that helped build his own start up company into a £1 billion plus wealth management business. 

Start Up Links

We actively seek out those industry commentators and business leaders who earned, bought, sold and sometimes even lost the proverbial start up business t-shirt, and the things we can learn from their successes and failures.

High Net World (HNW) Magazine

HNW Magazine launched in March 2010 as a printed and online publication for entrepreneurs and investors seeking insights into funding and growing their businesses, and the wealth management issues surrounding entrepreneurial success.

With the fundamental change in publishing and distribution brought on by advances in technology and the internet, HNW became a free online-only publication in 2014.

From May 2016, we moved to an affiliate-centric commercial model to fund HNW going forward – we make a small income based on the links you’ll find to the products, services and training that we recommend to you.

For questions about editorial content, advertising or subscriptions please contact or contact us on (44) 01506 419 774.

Complaints Policy 

HNW takes all complaints about editorial content seriously and are committed to abiding by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (“IPSO”) rules and regulations and the Editors’ Code of Practice that IPSO enforces (the “Editors’ Code”).

What is a Complaint?

When making a complaint, you must clearly state that your complaint is a formal complaint under this policy.

What Does This Policy Cover?

This policy only applies to complaints about editorial content in our publications and digital services that we control in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

It Does Not Cover

Complaints about ‘user generated content’ (i.e. material on our digital services e.g websites or apps that was not posted by us or on our behalf) which we have not reviewed or moderated.

Any complaint that falls outside the remit of IPSO.

How HNW Deals with Complaints

Complaints will only be accepted within four months from the date of the behaviour or first publication of the article that you are complaining about. Where an article remains accessible on our website, complaints will be accepted up to 12 months from the date of the behaviour or first publication of the article that you are complaining about.

Complaints received without this essential information cannot be considered. We may seek further details after your initial contact. If you cannot provide the requested information we may be unable to consider your complaint.

We will consider complaints from (a) any person who has been directly affected by the matter complained of; or (b)from a representative group affected by an alleged breach of the Editor’s Code which is significant and of substantial public interest; or (c) from a third party seeking to correct a significant inaccuracy of published information.

We reserve the right to reject, without further investigation, complaints that show no breach of the Editors’ Code; or that are trivial, hypothetical, gratuitously abusive or offensive, or otherwise vexatious or insignificant;

If you are taking legal action, we may be unable to consider your complaint.

What Happens to your Complaint?

The complaints process is free of charge irrespective of the outcome of your complaint.

We aim to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receipt.  You agree to respond promptly to any request for further information.

If we receive multiple complaints about the same issue we may make one response to all.

We will resolve your complaint within 28 days of receiving everything we need from you to allow us to investigate.  If we fail to meet this timescale, you can take your complaint to IPSO.

We will always treat you courteously and with respect. We expect the same from you.

Complaint to IPSO on Exhaustion of our Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy with our final response to your complaint you may complain to IPSO ( IPSO offers without charge a complaints handling service to the public in cases where there has been a disagreement between a complainant and us about whether the Editors’ Code has been breached. We will be asked to confirm that our complaints procedure has been exhausted and will do so in writing.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to amend this policy as required to ensure compliance with IPSO regulations. We will publish the current policy on our website. Your complaint will be considered against the published policy on the date of receipt of your complaint.

How to Complain

Please email

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