Cryptocurrency News – Bitcoin Plateaus as Ethereum & Ripple March Upward

E L Emerson

The world’s most popular cryptocurrencies have continued their roller coaster ride of price fluctuations. into the New Year.


The crypto alpha, bitcoin, has moved upwards from the $13,400 to $15,300 range in the first week of 2018, and has shown an apparent one year price plateau December to January in a highly volatile trading range between it’s record high of circa 19,300 and most recent low of about $12,600 on 30th December.


The versatile Ethereum currency, which allows developers to build apps on its platform like Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), has fluctuated between about $880 and $1,190 since the start of the year, however there have been clear signs of an overall upward momentum that began in earnest on 11 December and appears to be continuing apace.


Ripple and its XRP altcoin, whose prices have arced from circa $1.90 to about $2,40 over the last week while touching briefly on a high of $3.30, is now considered the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency and has grow its value from circa $200 million to an estimated $115 billion over the last ten months.


San Francisco-based Ripple, the eponymous name of the now 5-year-old start-up in San Francisco developing a payments network for financial institutions, has traded relatively flat over the last year at between 0.34 and 0.34 cents prior to a meteoric rise that began on 4th December and has only now show signs of abating with a recent 4% to 5% overall pullback.

E L Emerson, Editor, HNW



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