Cryptocurrency Spotlight: RefToken Rises 530% in 7 Days

E L Emerson

29th January 2018 – How did the bolshie new RefToken, a cryptocurrency positioned to connect blockchain-based developers with the brands and marketeers that can help their projects go mainstream, go from $zero to over $56 in just eight days?

The coin tipped to remove the expected future bottleneck of blockchain app scalability into the business-to-consumer market arrived on just 20th January 2018, and in a relatively low volume environment ($600,000 +) managed to grab onto a near 600% rise, before settling around the $40 per coin range.

But if we look back we can see that in August 2017, RefToken laid claim to the crown of being the world’s first blockchain affiliate platform and tracking system; launching a prototype at that time to enable developers to connect with thousands of influencers.

Like many altcoins with the potential for staying power, RefToken has focused its passion on a real market need; by building features that end-users most ascribe to, as opposed to a top-down development approach. And in so doing hope to become the undisputed blockchain affiliation platform – a multi-syllable way of describing how start-ups best acquire users.

So, why the need in the affiliate space, a $multi-billion and growing sector that already uses “chains” of publishers to connect end-users with product owners, for a blockchain-specific commercial answer?

Well, primarily because smart contracts are perfectly positioned to cement relationships where all conversion revenue and data is secured on a blockchain – meaning an end to the often fickle payment and tracking programmes so rampant in the affiliate sector.

RefToken plans to integrate with all main APIs (application programme interfaces), including Google AdWords and Facebook, which should allow affiliates to best assess investments and media spend.

But where all of that puts RefToken in the traders’ eyes is a tough one to call.

What we’re seeing in the short time that we’ve been tracking this coin is a near prototypical “candle,” suggesting its price has already peaked, and the late-to-RefToken market arrivals will likely be paying back the early doors supporters in cold, hard cash; the former getting stuffed and the latter carving up the profits.

But if you’re one of those folks who is looking for longer term value then we suggest a $5 to $10 price point of entry for RefToken on the next downslide. And look out for media blasts that could support another truly ballistic price rise is this cryptocurrency, particularly if it can make good on its pole position gambit in the blockchain-driven affiliate marketing sector.

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