Altcoin Upheaval – Cindicator & BitConnect Lead Biggest Gainers & Losers

E L Emerson

Here’s the latest crytpocurrency Biggest Gainers & Losers excerpt from HNW’s Altcoin Top 25 weekly update, where we chart the performance of the leading coins, give you insights into what makes each one valuable, and look at trends, trading ranges and when to buy and sell.

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Biggest Gain

Cindicator (CND)| 7-Days – 290% | 24-Hours – 1.62%

The “wisdom of the crowd” meets “hybrid intelligence” company is building an open ecosystem designed to bring together; the collective intelligence of financial analysts, data scientists and traders, with Artificial Intelligence.

In simplest terms, Cindicator creates an infrastructure for this type of hybrid intelligence technology, and then sells the products that rise out of that; like financial forecasts and trading signals.

In doing so it meets at least one requirement for potential long-term survival in the crytptocurrency space; fixing a customer problem and marketplace need.

You can buy Cindicator by exchanging Ethereum through the Chinese virtual currency exchange Binance, whose transaction volume is approximately tenth in the world.

The price (at the time of writing) is about $0.29.

But that’s a high mark for this altcoin over the last year. #

If you didn’t catch the upward ride that began circa 18 January at $0.05, and has currently peaked after a 600% rise, then we suggest you wait until the currency falls back to more profitable buying price range of between $0.05 and $0.09. 


Biggest Loss

BitConnect (BCC) | 7-Days – 93% | 24-Hours – 15.5%

Usually the leaders in the Biggest Losers section of HNW’s Altcoin Top 25 represent a hotbed of savvy trader opportunity, allowing investors to take a contrarian perspective on nosediving stocks that might just be headed into idea buying price range territory.

However, following the recent closure of BitConnect’s cryptocurrency exchange and lending operations, which put a strain on further fundraising through digital token offerings, the former altcoin darling has seen prices tumble as much as 95%.

So, is it a ponzi scheme?

Folks, almost all of these “imaginary coins” have an element of “investor layering” going on to raise prices. That’s the opportunity – high risk, high potential returns.

The owners of BitConnect’s open source all in one bitcoin and crypto community platform announced on 17 January that they would launch a 10-day BitConnect X ICO with BCC at $150 to support existing coin holders and give the BCC coin some initial stability after recent events.

This was followed by the suggestion of a forthcoming “new and superior system” as an exchange that will support several cryptocurrencies.

The jury is still out on both.

With a limited BCC supply of 28 million coins and just 9 million in circulation this could create a level of market demand. That said, on January 6th, BitConnect’s market cap was $2.6 billion. As of a week ago it was down to $84 million.

Add in reported troubles that investors claim to be facing exchanging their BitConnect coinage for Bitcoin and you’ve got a lot of folks whispering “Armageddon.”

This one is only for the very bravest amongst you. 

You can buy BitConnect through Binance, at about $15.99 right now – an extraordinary low for an altcoin that twice topped out at about $450 per on 18th and 29th December 2017. 


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