Distractions – Work-Life Balance? It’s The Chaos That’ll Learn Ya…

“I like the image above because it comes from a person named bacon. And I like bacon.” 

By E L Emerson

Improve your time management with post-it notes; carry your goals around on a single piece of paper; don’t touch emails until 10am; don’t make lists; always make lists; take control over the word “no”; define tasks in terms of urgency and importance; don’t touch things more than once…

And all in the name of achieving a better work-life balance.

Show me one of these plans that work. And spare me the affiliate marketing links where I need to spend £1,995 for a 12-month course to learn how to manage my time.

(Reminds me of the “simple” guide that used to come with Rubik’s Cube. It was about 60 pages long! I still haven’t solved it. But I did swap the stickers around. Now it’s perfect. Squint, but perfect. Just the way I like it.)

And who exactly are we trying to fool, anyway?

This may sound unconventional, but my work and my life are indistinguishable other than a slight change of tone and demeanor.

Maybe that’s because I enjoy what I do.

And every energetic soul who approaches me with a plan to change that sounds about as appealing to me as planning for some porch-swing retirement in a community of bad socks, no impact pool-aerobics and defibrillators.

That’s not my idea of relaxation or best use of time.  

And there’s this odd and continuous imperative to try and control our days for maximum achievement and efficiency, which sounds like a phrase from every public sector bullshit vision statement that’s ever been written.

For me personally there is no return to a world of 9am to 5pm working where we down-tools in-between and think nothing of that part of our lives.

I’m not sure that possibility has existed since we invented colour TV.

And if we do suddenly achieve a work-life balance then we might feel as if we’re not challenging ourselves enough.

I’ll bet there’s a course out there for that problem too…probably by the same affiliate marketing company.

So why don’t we just try and enjoy the chaos instead. Let’s make our lists and start again in three days time, with another one in another notebook.

Let’s accept this socially connected world where you can only dictate the pace of your interactions according to the severity of your addiction to them, and realise that the only off-switch we’re afforded in this life is when the undertaker arrives.

Folks, I just don’t believe we were designed for perfection or to swing on porches from sunrise to sunset.

Embrace your failings to control the world in its entirety.

It’s the chaos that’ll learn ya. 

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