After the incubators, accelerators & free advice are just a memory…

When I co-founded HNW Magazine the goal was to build an information and events resource exclusively for high growth company leaders in the UK and Ireland; specifically for those who either already have, or soon will pass through all the initial business startup stage support mechanisms available to them – the incubators, accelerators and free advice.

Because that’s when aspiring and established entrepreneurs begin to face a very different challenge: the need for information, guidance and a trusted network of their peers at a stage when failure rates are at their highest, the impact on the economy the greatest and the least amount of support is available.

While HNW’s high growth journey is in many ways very personal to me – the fits and starts, victories and failures – it’s also a business just like yours facing very real commercial objectives and milestones to grow from sustainable to profitable to global.

And if you are an aspiring or established entrepreneur (even if you’re neither comfortable with the term, nor can spell it!) then we hope you join us, share in the journey and help yourself and others build that high net world.  

Ed Emerson, Editor & Managing Director, HNW Magazine

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