For Whom the Dice Rolls

E L Emerson

Confusing a bull market for investment brilliance?

That rainbow ends with grief and woe of biblical proportion.

And if you short your acceptance of this, every algorithm, gut-feeling, windbag prediction, and correlation in isolation will become a stitch in that impending scar.

Recession & Recovery

Eight years on from the March 2009 turn and the muddle for many is when to cut or be cut?

Investors have leapt backwards in the air away from post-recession stock market hiccups, drops and waterfall declines like a house cat suddenly encountering a rubber tarantula on the kitchen floor.

It’s a very expensive oversensitiveness.

Curbing Enthusiasm 

Even well-intentioned index trackers, Wall Street’s one-armed-bandit gambling equivalent, seem to leave no nerve endings untouched.

ETFs are much the same, equally mired in short play strategies on a field designed for the long game.

Blame the media? Sure. Why not.

Have the audacity to call Buffett complicit in “advising” towards tracker investing stuff?

You can only be banished to hell once, right? Let Larry David be my enthusiasm and my muse.

Swans of Colour

And for whom the dice now rolls, well, may it continue to do so. Just let awareness in.

On that point I’m without any evidence of black swans circling (but who in advance does, eh?).

Nor have any of the other birds more than squawked.

While the orange swan (Trump), red swan (Jong un) and blue swan (Brexit) have rapt our attention with their flatulent suggestions of horrific shit on the way, no such ablutions have followed.

In fact, things look pretty good at the moment – manufacturing, services, corporate earnings, employment (with storms in the balance), inflation-less, household debt and earnings…

Roll the dice.

And know the casino you’re standing in.

E L Emerson, HNW

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