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By Ed Emerson

Recent Base Rate Reduction Doesn’t Cut Both Ways 

Don’t assume you’ll automatically benefit from the recent base rate reduction to 0.25%, unless you’re one of the UK’s estimated 1.5 million people who have what’s called a “tracker” mortgage that follows the Bank of England’s base rate.

If so, you’ll be about £20 per month better off. For the approximately 50% of all mortgage holders locked into fixed interest deals you’ll see no change, and the over 30% of standard variable rate (SVR) customers – the position you fall into at the end of your fixed rate period – will only see a reduced monthly payment if your bank decides to pass on that cut.

See the new rules for self-employed mortgages here.

The Market’s “Investor Cash Mountain WTF?”

Wealth-X Billionaire’s latest study shows the uber-rich are holding over £1.3 trillion in cash. Equally, research from UBS shows the next tier down of wealthy Americans are keeping 20% in cash, and fund managers continue with their “cash is king” positions, with stores at their highest levels since 2001 (BAML).

And this is all happening despite US indexes at record breaking levels. Why? Well, it’s either fear of an impending recession and an effort to time the market’s next move (bad idea), or holding back reserves to buy more dips (possibly a good idea in the summer months).

As we approach this bull market’s eighth birthday in March 2017 (or third if you’re counting from when the recovery tracked to new all time highs in 2013), the consensus is saying, “Hold back. Don’t jump in. It’s gonna nosedive.”

And we know how often the consensus has been right about the markets (read: Never).    

Ignore the noise, avoid following the investor consensus and find out how to retire as a millionaire (on an average salary) here.

The Fast 50 Start-Up Marketing & Sales Report 

The Gods at Mattermark have smiled down upon us and revealed their research on the 50 Fast Growing B2B companies in the US, and their respective marketing and sales strategies.

With the idea firmly in mind that the most interesting thing about a start-up is its story, and that those who buy from new businesses are often a very different audience than those who purchase from the established corporate market, the findings are interesting.  

There’s a trend away from generating huge volumes of traffic towards finding quality buyers in mix, the blog remains king (and it’s focused on what their audience wants and not just operating as gloat-wagons for new developments, or product/service brochures), and focused content is at the top of the sales funnel for nurturing sales opportunities.

Read all about it here.

Ed Emerson, Editor, HNW Magazine

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