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Why Your Start Up Has A Website…

Right, let’s gather all of our company’s collective wonderfulness, experience and assumptions of unique talent and ability, sharpen the product and services imagery to hide any hint of pores or pixelation, and adjectify our start up’s propensity for global market domination in one sensational opus of a website; where the corporate mighty and consumer meek alike can come to gawp and gaze in admiration, with ready wallets swinging open at the bifold.

Or something like that…

But in reality the start up company website you decide to upload to the Interweb, whether it presents itself with the slack-jawed uber-utility of a Google home page, or the myriad of options, portals and promises of a so-called “authority site,” ultimately has one purpose and one purpose alone: To capture an email address.

Forget that core remit at your frustration and peril, because without the opportunity to contact back those who’ve come to you in the rush and push of a day or evening’s search, your expectation of being found again ritually or even for a second or third time is naive to the point of stupidity.

In fact, it is your responsibility to capture the traffic that you’re driving to your website. Leave it to its own devices and those consumer and corporate herd that are now (hopefully) better educated about what they want than when they first arrived at your digital place of business, will stampede away towards your digital neighbours (read: competitors).

Those competitors – the folks who sit above and below you on the Google page rank main streets, that you’ve search engine optimised (SEO’d) long and hard against – will then take in all those long and short-tail searches and their respective contact information. 

These are simply opportunities lost.

Now, to some this cliff edge conclusion of “just get the email address” might seem like either a short cut to thinking, oversimplifying the issue, or even an outright social media injustice.

They ask: “What about the imagery, the brand, the awards and accolades, the sediment of blogs, articles, video and White Paper content that settles layer upon layer over our mission statement, vision and company DNA? Surely our focus on those things that drive our visibility and successful SEO are the mainstay and purpose of our website?”

Hmmm…methinks not.

Important? Yes, as a means to an end.

But the endgame here is contact with, and the acquisition of clients and customers. Everything else is window dressing. 

So, assuming you haven’t wandered off in a fit of disbelief, why not take look at your website just now – go on, have a click – and if there isn’t something there once you arrive that immediately gives you one or even several reasons to want to share your contact information, then you’re missing the point and losing the customer.

Your website has one job: Collect that email address (or whatever alternative primary contact method you use to speak to clients).

And if it’s not doing its job, fire it.          



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