HNW Magazine Weekly – Your Road to Financial Freedom in 2018 – Issue 1, 2018

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Money Principles

The Price of Panicking – Historically speaking, bull markets (upwardly moving stock market trends) last a lot longer and are far more often the case than bear markets (downward trends).… read more

How to Escape Your ‘Lizard Brain’ – Do you want to live as your neighbours do? Do you want to maintain or improve your current lifestyle? Are there a few of them… read more

3 Common Money Mistakes You Should Avoid – Few things are more damaging to financial decisions than laying a ruler down over a current trend, extending that line forward and believing that’s what’s… read more

Market Views

Divas, Dramas & Record Highs – Despite the global nuclear divas driving geopolitical turmoil, the bewildering tos and fros of Brexit dramas-come-lately, and the shoogly pegs upon which oil prices, cryptocurrencies,… read more

The Dow Jones vs the Crypto ‘Ripple’ – The emotional frenzy surrounding the Dow Jones breaking through the somewhat arbitrary barrier of 25,000 points for the first time at yesterday’s close on Thursday 4th… read more

Stocks & Crude Push Higher & Higher – Investor altitude sickness continues apace as multi-trillions continue to sit “on the sidelines” in deposit accounts across the US, UK and Europe, earning little and… read more


What is Blockchain and Why Should I Care? – Imagine the revised structures of a global society that no longer requires financial intermediaries (amongst others) to buy houses and cars, “purchase” goods from one… read more

E L Emerson 

Bitcoin’s Bounce Back, The ‘Ripple’ Effect & Ethereum’s Record HighWhile Bitcoin has felt the impact of surging interest from investors and day traders in alternative coins or altcoins over the past few weeks, the Blockchain alpha product once again appears to be making its way towards its former record high… read more

Alan Steel

Investor Points of Few: The Light at the Top of the Well – It seems to me that there’s a big financial world out there that’s just bursting with assumptions, eh? Strange that. You’d think a process essentially governed by maths and how they’re engineered would be less prone to fantastical imaginations, marketing prose and correlations of the strangest (and often stupidest) kinds… read more


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