ICO News: JOLYY Startup Is Beautifying Blockchain

E L Emerson – Tuesday 6th February 2018

JOLYY – Pre ICO Token Offering Ends in 3 Days 

The online beauty booking platform, JOLYY, which is on track to be upgraded using blockchain technology, has just three days remaining on its pre-initial coin offering (ICO) token sale event.

The company was founded in October 2016 in Bulgaria. Its mobile app followed in June 2017.

Positioned to be the first blockchain-driven business to offer a social platform in the beauty industry, JOLYY will provide beauty experts a place to share their daily works, show clients what’s trending and allow them to follow their favourite beauticians.

The company’s platform is based on the Origin Protocol, using the decentralised Ethereum blockchain.

A More Beautiful Blockchain

JOLYY intends to disrupt the existing market for on-line beauty booking with an innovative, secure  and efficient booking platform – it charges a 1% commission instead of the more standard 20% and is free of charge for the first year.

The company intends to capitalise on a gap in the market by providing an easy way to fill up beauticians’ schedules  with offline bookings so that those areas are available for internet-based customers – the three-step model for doing so is currently patent-pending.

While JOLYY will connect beauty experts and customers, it also aims to be the first to connect beauticians with cosmetic producing companies through a blockchain supported database of vendors. JOLYY Store will affiliate the brands for offer and sale via smart contracts and ship directly to salons.

The current token allocation is broken down as 50% private and public sale, 30% community and reward system, 15% company reserve, and 5% for advisors and strategic partners.

The launch of JOY token is scheduled for Q2 of 2018.

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