Investing Secrets – “It’s Never Been This Bad”

By Mike Williams

One of the most important investing secrets – routes to competitive advantage – worth knowing is about being committed to your strategy and ignoring the typical reprise of the media and the so-called expert commentators when they say: “It’s never been this bad.”

Now, it’s very human to only see the bad news at times like these; the doom awaiting us…the dark clouds thickening on the horizon…

These are not new things. There will always be risks. There will always be new things that we’re told to fear. And there will always be opportunities in that scaremongering for long-term investors to buy at cheaper prices as the crowd runs in terror.

So, the real investing secret hidden in the media’s coverage – when they suggest it’s time to erect the Armageddon shelter because, “It’s never been this bad” – is that there have been many times before when it’s been much, much worse. 

Investing Secrets

And I have a hunch that we’ll all be surprised to the upside once the Brexit dust clears.  

To think that a weak union of countries with an already paltry growth trajectory will somehow beat up the UK at the negotiating table is, well, a bit short-sighted.

My gut tells me that the trade deals and economic agreements reached over the next 12 to 18 months will be better for the UK than we’ve seen to date within the EU structure. Now that’s an investing secret worth knowing. 

In fact, the US may also find its dealings with the UK will actually expand and not decelerate.


Well, primarily because US companies won’t have to go through the red tape and regulatory hazards that we’ve had to fight through with the EU.

Think about it for a minute – does it really make sense to assume Brexit will somehow be worse than it was with “Brexin.”

I don’t think so.  

And I suspect you might agree with me if you count to 168,477 before doing something you might regret later. 

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Mike Williams is President of Genesis Asset Management based in Chicago and a renowned industry commentator and public speaker. 


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