Stock Market Sherpas – Pessimism Hurts Profits

Exactly a year ago “pessimists” were fretting over what they called an “expected hard landing” (whatever that is) in China, doubling it up with “deflation fears” in the West. Anybody noticed that suddenly it’s Inflation Fears, Brexit and Trump that’s renewed their Valium prescriptions? (One good thing about these folks though is that their elbows and rear ends are interchangeable).

Burnt Toast – The Jeremy Trump Show

Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn resigns. Opportunistic Washington D.C. politicians are rounding on him with scandal accusations, Russian ties and a Supreme Court nomination crisis. Donald’s Tweets about listed companies are creating stock market price dips and rebounds for equally opportunistic day traders. Seems like just another day at the office, and a billionaire’s version of the Jeremy Kyle Show.

The Investor’s ’10 Foot Bargepole’ Test

Those referred to as “gurus” are the worst of the lot when it comes to predictions. John Mauldin has over a million followers despite saying eight years ago “If you expect a major bull market to develop in this climate you are not paying attention and need your heid examined” (I added the last four words, but you get the drift).