HNW’s Start Up Diaries – Your Website Has Only One Purpose

The start up company website you decide to upload to the Interweb, whether it presents itself with the slack-jawed uber-utility of a Google home page, or the myriad of options, portals and promises of a so-called “authority site,” ultimately has one purpose and one purpose alone: To capture an email address. Forget that core remit at your frustration and peril,..

Investor Points of Few – Building the Perfect Bubble

It’s been suggested in some circles that a “bubble” is any bull market where you don’t have a position. Well, that’s the so-called “amusing observation” anyway, and certainly one that defines the now eight-year-plus investor zeitgeist; where every significant market movement in either direction is like a bowel in the throws of ablutions. It seems we just can’t get a break towards any collective positivity. And maybe that’s a good thing.