Ripple Keeps Making Market Waves as Latest Crypto Crash Recedes

E L Emerson – 31st January 2018

Ripple (XRP) | HNW Says: Buy!

24-Hours – Down 7.6% | Current Price: $1.11 | Yesterday’s Price: $1.21

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Regulatory scares, cyber attacks and social media bullying tactics have helped drive Ripple right into the arms of traders, who have patiently waited for the price of blockchain’s darling of the mainstream financial community to fall in HNW’s long-held recommended buy-in price of between $1.10 and $1.20.

And now here it is.

While most financial scribblers fight over doomsday scenario forecasting, savvy investors should be wringing their hands with glee as Bitcoin drops below $10k per, Ethereum recedes towards a more digestible investment space of around $1,000 to $1,100 and Ripple rounds out the top three cryptocurrencies as perhaps the most attractive buy of the lot.

Ripple now stands at a market capitalisation of just $44 billion, a halving of its former crypto-self that peaked at $4 and a $96 billion cap in early January.

But what Ripple has in spades is market popularity in the money transfer space as new deals continue to get done with companies like Mercury FX, IDT and MoneyGram.

Coupling acceptance in the mainstream financial community with far better transaction speeds and costs than its competitors and you have a blockchain-driven coin that fulfils the two core obligations of any investable company; it fixes a problem in the market, and there’s a moat around it that’s keeping others from rapidly copying what it’s doing.

As such, HNW has remained firm in our belief that Ripple is poised for an impressive return to form and an enhanced profit-making year for investors.

This is an opportunity and buy-in point that traders will look back on later this year as a painful memory if they opt to hold off and wait-and-see.


Today’s Ripple Recommendation

Ripple and Bitcoin are your cryptocurrency huckleberries and immediate buys in today’s Top 10.

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