Start Up Diaries – The Start Up Serenity Prayer

My Start Up Serenity Prayer

Dear Lord (Seth Godin)

Seth grant me the motivation
to pursue only the things I can actually change; 
the courage to avoid external funding to the point of night sweats;
and the wisdom to know the difference between a good and bad idea.

Let me live through one doubt at a time; 
enjoying each moment my strategy is hobbled by reality; 
accepting change as the pathway to peace and profitability; 
knowing that this is the road to success;
and not the one described in text books, incubators and accelerators; 
trusting that Godin will make all things right;
if I surrender to the wisdom of those who know better than I; 
so that I can be happy in the knowledge;
that this one might fail;
in order for the next one to succeed. 
– All men and women

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