Today’s Start Up Links – How to Build a Sustainable Business

E L Emerson

HNW’s Daily Start Up Links is our guide to some of the great content out there that can help you launch, grow and develop your business, young or old…

Why Meetings Should Never Be Boring – Tomasz Tunguz, @TTunguz

“If I call a meeting for seven people, that’s eight hours of collective time, which is expensive. If I present to 1000 people for 20 minutes, that’s 334 hours of human thought. That’s why preparation is so important. Ultimately, running an effective meeting boils down to respect for the time of others.”

The Digital Advertising Problem – Fred Wilson, @avc

“We have a digital advertising duopoly.

The difference between second and third place is massive.”

How to Build a Sustainable Business – David Skok, @BostonVC

The Forgotten Art of Cold Calling – Brad Smith, @Closeio

“If you think cold calling is a dead form of outreach, you’re wrong. Tons of businesses are still using cold calls to drive revenues because they work. Phone calls are a personal way to build relationships and make sales. Cold calling has become more difficult than it used to be in past years, though. In fact, the total number of calls it takes to actually reach a prospect is more than twice what it was ten years ago.”

Your Website Has Only One Purpose – Emerson @HNWMagazine

“In reality the start up company website you decide to upload to the Interweb, whether it presents itself with the slack-jawed uber-utility of a Google home page, or the myriad of options, portals and promises of a so-called “authority site,” ultimately has one purpose and one purpose alone: To capture an email address.”

E L Emerson, Editor, HNW


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