Stock Market Sherpas – Broken Crystal Balls


The 2018 Prediction Wheel

I don’t know how Jeff Miller manages to put together this level of detail and analysis week in and week out. I’m just happy that he does. This week it’s about (amongst other things) the endless parade of market predictions that follow us around at this time of year. My Christmas wish, that celebrity analysts get another hobby or a set of fully functional crystal balls. So, will 2018 continue on its record breaking pace? Well, I guess you’ll just have read more here to find out @dashofinsight


Give Well

The message for this Christmas: If you’re giving to charity, give well. In other words check out what they actually use the money for, how much of your gift actually gets used on what you want it to and commit (if you can) to giving regularly if you’re really engaged with what they’re trying to do… @abnormalreturns


Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk? 

The old adage is a good adage, even when delivered by Clint Eastwood as above; beware the mistaken belief in your own investment brilliance during an upwardly mobile investment market like the one we’re in just now. It’s like Index-Trackers -R-Us out there, and there are free toys in every corner. Just don’t get deluded, or when the fall eventually arrives you’ll be wiped out emotionally and financially @dollarsanddata 


Everyone is doing it

Folks are buying Bitcoin, bond funds, ETFs, horseshoes and hand grenades. Everything is going up. Jump in. There isn’t a crocodile in sight. Of course, they never are… @PragCap


The best thing since the last best thing

In theory, when the tech entrepreneurs out there are telling us about the tech that’s over-hyped we might be inclined to start listening… @VisualCap 


What’s the worst that could happen

Sure we’re breaking records. And maybe we’ll continue to do so. But there’s something else too. Some call it demogronomics. Others say it’s the return of the Baby Boomers, but this time it’s bigger. Whatever it is it seems to be working nice and slowly. And this guy thinks things are just about to get crazy Mike Williams


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