Investing Secrets – When ‘Feelings’ Trump Facts, Investors Lose Money

So here’s one of today’s headlines designed specifically to scare the shit out of anyone who reads it: “Britain Could Be Heading for Recession as Business Confidence Drops at Fastest Pace in Seven Years, Economist Warns…” It also wins a dishonourable mention for wordiness. But is it true?

Investing Secrets – First, Do (Yourself) No Harm

Most folks have a kind of financial ‘awakening’ about retirement when they reach their forties, and it tends to move them quickly through the equivalent of a Kübler-Ross Grief Cycle; from Denial to Acceptance, with more than a few night sweats in between.

Investing Secrets – My Beef With This Bull Market

Imagine how they’d be describing this latest bull market if it weren’t for; China, oil prices, Zika, interest rates, Greece (all the PIIGS for that matter), Syria, SARS, etc. etc. We’d probably be calling it “much stronger than your average bull!”