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IndyRef2 for Scotland?

Hey, didn’t we vote for Britain to leave the EU? Didn’t America vote for Trump? Didn’t we all think the stock markets were doomed at the beginning of 2016? Didn’t people think Ray Kroc was a bit of a long in the tooth dreamer before he hit on McDonald’s? Didn’t Clinton say he never had sexual relations with that woman?

There’s the “Yes” roll.

Hey, didn’t we put a man on the moon?

(Oops. Too far?)

Ambition is a wonderful thing. But intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings (Dali). Lady Sturgeon painted herself into a corner the moment she stepped out from behind Salmond’s rotund shadow and her education platform started taking punches.

IndyRef2 was always the endgame here; a bizarre rope-a-dope strategy where the minority of the electorate would somehow absorb defeat, vent its collective frustrations and morph into a majority opinion. And then: Presto! The Brexit decision arrives as both a convenient and common enemy.

And so Ms Sturgeon and they of the SNP plan to win the day despite the relatively silent masses who closed the door in September 2014, leaving Big Al with no where to turn but out.  

It’s ambitious. But it’s also too far; like her own personal Game of Thrones, and she with just one single fiery dragon remaining.

Now don’t think me a hater or some closet Tory, Labourite, BNP or member of any other party hurling their dog-eared manifestos through letterboxes just before they’re looking for your support and donations.

I’m none of that. I’m an apolitical independent observer watching the final act of a political party whose agenda rests on a victory that can’t be won…at least for now.

The people have voted. Brexit has been cast. And the value of any sustainable democracy rests on the resilience of that decision and the people in power to hold it sacred.

Just like every vote that has gone before, here and elsewhere; if we do not hold the opinion cast by the majority as absolute, then there is no Britain; only politicians.

And so, from the Bard, for all our Saltire-emblazoned faces: “In Politics if thou would’st mix, And mean thy fortunes be; Bear this in mind,-be deaf and blind, Let great folk hear and see.”

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