The Top 6 Best Self-Employed Mortgage Deals in the UK

By Ed Emerson

HNW Magazine has uncovered the top 6 best self-employed mortgage providers in the UK; the banks who understand how you record your earnings and work with millions of contractors, freelancers, start-up business people and the self-employed.

Our forthcoming report The Steps to Getting a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed is out soon and tells you exactly what you need to do to apply to each of these lenders.

Remember: Don’t waste your time applying to banks or through brokers who don’t understand or have experience working with the self-employed mortgages sector. Those efforts never end well.

Focus instead on the lenders who know the self-employed, freelancer and contractor mortgages space.

And then look out for our free report to guide you the rest of the way: 

Aldermore Bank 

The under-the-radar lender for mortgage applicants in the self-employed space and/or who run their own business.


The first of the contractor-friendly lenders for self-employed professionals who rolled out mortgages to non-IT contractors a few years ago.


Like the Halifax, Clydesdale joined the self-employed mortgages market a few years ago.


This might be the best stop for many self-employed professionals looking for a mortgage, particularly if the above options thus far seem less than accommodating.

Virgin Money 

If you’re a contractor operating through an umbrella company this may be the mortgage lender for you.

Saffron Building Society

While some lenders in this space prefer IT contractors, Saffron takes a more inclusive approach and welcomes contractors from all niches and pay grades.

Want to know more? 

Why not see what HNW Magazine’s Self-Employed Mortgages section here has to offer you in terms of advice, guidance and options.

And look out for HNW Magazine’s report The 5 Steps to Getting a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed for consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs, out soon, and take advantage of the mistakes others have made so that you don’t have to.

Ed Emerson, Editor, HNW Magazine

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