The View from Manhattan: Too Much Market Transparency

“Don’t think about ‘what’s now’, focus on ‘what’s next’…”

By Mike Williams

We have seen an increased level of chatter from Fed officials in recent days as they try too hard once again to direct perception.  

What happened to the gold ole’ days where we did not have all the “transparency”?  

I vote for going back to same.  

The last thing the market participants need with such frazzled nerves is more data, innuendo and chatter from which they then take a guess at its meaning. 

The Fed’s inflation outlook eased between the December and March FOMC meetings.

FOMC officials have often said that below-target inflation is a major reason for slowing the pace of normalizing monetary policy.

Though the March meeting was just a week ago and there hasn’t been any inflation data since then, a few Fed officials seem to be turning more hawkish on inflation already!  

While the talk focused again on rate hikes – a topic we cannot seem to get too far away from – the data in some areas of the US is improving.

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