Today’s Cryptocurrency Top 10: Buy Bitcoin & Cardano; Hold Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash & NEO; Sell the Rest…

(Prices quoted are from late afternoon)

E L Emerson

29th January 2018 – In today’s Cryptocurrency Top 10 we see Bitcoin and Cardano continue to be the big buy options, as Ripple moves just above our preferred buy-in range, and Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and NEO are holds. We also drop sell / caution warnings on Stellar, EOS and Litecoin… 

You can check out Saturday’s Top 10 Cryptocurrency update here where we looked at NEM as it moved steadily towards an ideal buy-in price and joined Cardano as the new crypto darlings. HNW also pressed the “buy now” button on Ripple and Bitcoin, and advised patience and caution on EOS, NEO and Litecoin. 

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How to Get Started

If you want to trade you have to open an account. To get started open a free account at Coinbase to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you then want to buy other altcoins (like some of those noted below), go to Binance to do so and then transfer your Bitcoin or Ethereum over from Coinbase. 

Now let’s get on with it…


Bitcoin (BTC) | Status – Buy 

Last 24-Hours – Down 3.5% | Current Price: $11,333 | Yesterday’s Price $11,723

All last week we told HNW readers Bitcoin is a buy at $11,000, and is poised to begin its next upward trend towards the $20,000 and above mark in Q1. We’re sticking with that call. If you want to know more about why we see the altcoin alpha male doing tremendous things this year then sign up to our free weekly update, Crypto Millionaire, above.

HNW’s Recommendation: This Bitcoin price point will not be around forever. We see big things happening for Bitcoin in 2018. Check out Coinbase to buy and Binance to access the rest of the altcoin world.


Ethereum (ETH) | Status – Hold

24-Hours – Down 2.5% | Current Price: $1,194 | Yesterday’s Price: $1,226

Ethereum peaked yesterday at about $1,250 on its seven-day upward trend. It’s still miles away from HNW’s preferred buy-in price, however we’re now recommending a slightly higher ceiling of $800 before you open your wallets. And we think we may get close to that price point this week. 

HNW’s Recommendation: Hold if you’re already in. If not, be strong and wait for the revised buy-in price of $800 and below. 


Ripple (XRP) | Status – Buy / Hold

24-Hours – Slightly Up | Current Price: $1.32 | Yesterday’s Price: $1.29

Over the last 24 hours Ripple has once again teased traders by riding just above our preferred buy-in price of $1.20 and below. It was just a matter of weeks ago that Ripple peaked at $3.50 per coin and pushed Etheruem out of the second top position.

HNW’s Recommendation: This is no time to sell at a loss. We recommend buyers looking for a sustained rise now consider Ripple as their huckleberry at $1.20 or below. Be patient for the right price!


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) | Status – Hold

24-Hours – Down 1.5% | Current Price: $1,680 | Yesterday’s Price: $1,710

BCH continues to tread water near the mid-tier point of its last surge and, as predicted, remains steadfastly above HNW’s preferred watermark buy-in ceiling of $1,200. While Bitcoin Cash peaked at about $3,500 in mid-December it remains one-third above our recommended price range. 

HNW’s Recommendation: Hold on if you’re already in. Wait for $1,200 and below if you’re not. 


Cardano (ADA) | Status – Buy

24-Hours – Down 5.3% | Current Price: $0.62| Yesterday’s Price: $0.68

We’ve been pushing Cardano over the last week as a coin we expect to vault upwards in price during the course of Q1. HNW’s suggested buy-in price threshold is noted below, but we still see this as a buy at $0.62. Bitcoin and Ripple, are the preferred options at present but Cardano is sitting comfortably in third position.  

HNW’s Recommendations: Our ideal buy-in price point for Cardano is $0.55. If you own it we suggested you hold on or increase your position. If you don’t then perhaps it’s time you did. 


Stellar (XLM) | Status – Sell

24-Hours – Down 6% | Current Price: $0.59 | Yesterday’s Price $0.62

We can only hope those holding Stellar just now bought in long before the current mid-tier malaise that’s now being experienced by this cryptocurrency. XLM remains a country mile away from any HNW recommended buy-in point.

HNW’s Recommendation: Up your Bitcoin, Ripple or Cardano (in that order) if you’re cashing in. If you hold, then be prepared for some ugly before it gets better. New buyers should wait for the $0.10 to $0.12 range. 


Litecoin (LTC) | Status – Sell / Hold

24-Hours – Down 2.8% | Current Price: $182 | Yesterday’s Price: $187

After peaking at $350 + in mid-to late December, we’ve now been hamstrung at the mid-tier point of that previous vault for almost two weeks. We remain convinced that a bottoming-out period followed by a nice rebound in Q1 is on the cards for Litecoin. Potential buyers should check our recommendation below.

HNW’s Recommendation: The smart buy is at $55 to $75. The more adventurous might consider a stake at $100.


EOS (EOS) | Status –  Sell

24-Hours – Down 3% | Current Price: $14.09 | Yesterday’s Price: $14.53

The odd price plateau for EOS continues – and we now no longer think it’s a mid-tier correction. We’ve held firm that this is a wait-and-see coin for those on the outside looking in. If you own it you’re in cryptocurrency limbo right now, but our recommendation is to sell and enhance your position on the next upswing. 

HNW’s Recommendation: Ideally, the $3 to $5 range is where you want to get in with EOS. 


NEO (NEO) | Status – Hold

24-Hours – Up 7% | Current Price: $159.12 | Yesterday’s Price: $148.50

NEO is sitting in a classic mid-tier price position following it’s recent peak on 15 January at $192. If you’re in then stay in. But if you’re out you might want to stay out…for the moment. This altcoin is one of the few that appears to take on long-ish sustained rises before the eventual falls. 

HNW’s Recommendation: The brave will see an opportunity at $75 per coin, but this is an ideal buy at $25 to $50.


NEM (XEM) | Status – Sell / Hold

24-Hours – Down 7% | Current Price: $0.95 | Yesterday’s Price: $1.03

The slow sustained slide for NEM continues; good news for eager buyers, not so good for those holding this coin and watching prices weaken. We’ve noted all week the rising interest in this cryptocurrency, and we expect NEM to become the crypto darling alongside Cardano in the Altcoin Top 10. Be patient now as we move steadily towards a more realistic buy-in ceiling (see below).

HNW’s Recommendation: If you’re already in you might want to stay the course and recoup on the next big upswing. If you’re on the outside, wait for that $0.50 ceiling to break,. 


NOTE: You’ll notice that HNW recommends using Coinbase to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin, and Binance to buy and trade other altcoins. These are affiliate links. They do not cost you anything to use, and if you sign up to one or both it helps us to pay the bills.


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