Cryptocurrency Dip Brings Buying Opportunities for Bitcoin, Ripple & Cardano

(Prices quoted are from Tuesday 30th January PM)

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Summary (30th January): HNW has held firm on Bitcoin and Ripple as the preferred cryptocurrency coins to buy into right now, followed by Cardano in the bottom half of our Top 10. There are also a few dogs with fleas here that we’ve been warning readers about, just before their prices plunged in the last 24 hours. They include Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Litecoin, EOS and NEO. And look out for NEM to join Cardano as the coin to buy over the next few weeks! 

Yesterday’s View: You can see in yesterday’s Cryptocurrency Top 10 Rankings (29th January) here, we recommended Bitcoin and Cardano as big buying opportunities, watched Ripple hover just above the ideal price point, and put sell advisories on Stellar, EOS and Litecoin. Looks like we called most of them right!

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How to Get Started Trading Cryptocurrencies

It’s simple to get started:

  1. Open a free account at Coinbase where you deposit funds from a bank account or credit card.
  2. Buy Ethereum or Bitcoin with your new Coinbase account (see our recommendations on buying and selling these premium coins). 
  3. Once you have purchased Bitcoin or Ethereum on Coinbase, go to Binance and open a free account there. This will allow you to transfer your Bitcoin or Ethereum over from Coinbase and start trading in hundreds of other cryptocurrency options. 

Now let’s get on with today’s rankings…


Bitcoin (BTC) | Status – Buy, Buy, Buy! 

Last 24-Hours – Down 6% | Current Price: $10,654 | Yesterday’s Price $11,336

Buy, buy, buy! HNW has held firm on our advisories to readers to wait until Bitcoin fell into what we see as the ideal buying range of $10,000 to $11,000.

And we believe buying opportunities like the current $10,654 price tag per coin will be a distant and painful memory for those who don’t take advantage of it while it’s here. 

Our expectations remain high for Bitcoin in 2018, and fully expect the altcoin alpha male to reach back upwards into $20,000 and above territory before the end of Q1.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you. 

Find out more about why HNW picks Bitcoin to make major waves in the cryptocurrency market this year by signing up to our free weekly update, The Crypto Millionaire, above.

HNW’s Recommendation: This Bitcoin price point will not be around forever. Check out Coinbase to buy and Binance to access the rest of the altcoin world.


Ethereum (ETH) | Status – Hold

24-Hours – Down 4.6% | Current Price: $1,142 | Yesterday’s Price: $1,198

After a nice seven-day upward price movement for the crown prince of altcoin, the new downward trend that began in earnest on Monday continues apace through today for Ethereum.

Will it continue? Well, we think Ethereum may have a few more price dips to go into HNW’s ideal (and recently revised) buy-in price range of $800, before climbing back into the $1,500 to $2,000 per coin space in the next few weeks. 

For those who already hold Ethereum, we suggest you stay the course, unless you want to upweight during the next downswing. 

HNW’s Recommendation: Hold if you’re already in. If not, be strong and wait for the revised buy-in price of $800 and below.


Ripple (XRP) | Status – Buy It Now!

24-Hours – Down 9% | Current Price: $1.22 | Yesterday’s Price: $1.33

After a tedious wait for Ripple to descend again into HNW’s long-held recommendation of buying-in at $1.20 and below, the third place altcoin has finally come good for opportunistic traders.

Ripple is riding a nice two-day drop at the moment following a peak just a few weeks ago of $3.50 per coin.

We think Ripple will return to that price range, and in fact far exceed it before Q1 has been and gone.

And so the same health warning is being given by HNW to traders of Ripple as we have done above with Bitcoin (above); this is an opportunity that we think will be looked back upon later this year as a painful memory for those who held back and opted to wait-and-see.

HNW’s Recommendation: Ripple and Bitcoin are your cryptocurrency huckleberries in today’s Top 10. 


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) | Status – Hold on Tight!

24-Hours – Down 7.3% | Current Price: $1,565 | Yesterday’s Price: $1,676

Today we should change Bitcoin Cash’s trading name from BCH to UGLY.

The newly embattled cryptocurrency has dropped over $100 in the last 24 hours after treading water at the mid-tier point of its last surge for the past two weeks.

It’s not all bad news though. As HNW predicted last week, while we see BCH (UGLY) returning to our recommended buy-in ceiling of $1,200 – that means it’s probably coming down further folks – we also see a return to its former peak (and beyond) of $3,500 that we saw in mid-December at some point during the course of Q1.

HNW’s Recommendation: Be strong if you’re in. Be patient if you’re not, and wait for the $1,200 price point before investing. 


Cardano (ADA) | Status – Buy at $0.55

24-Hours – Down 11% | Current Price: $0.55| Yesterday’s Price: $0.61

Cardano, HNW’s crypto-darling of the bottom half of the Top 10, has managed to lose $6 and 11% worth of value in the last 24 hours.


But HNW’s colours don’t run.  We’re firm on Cardano as a buy at $0.55, with expectations of a strong upwards trend that will see this coin break into the $1.50 to $3.00 per coin range within Q1.  

And yes, we’re still marking Bitcoin and Ripple above Cardano in terms of order of purchase, but this is certainly a comfortable third option from our perspective and a nice balance-spread for serious traders. 

HNW’s Recommendations: Our ideal buy-in price point for Cardano is $0.55. If you own it we suggest you hold on or increase your position. If you don’t then perhaps it’s time you did.


Stellar (XLM) | Status – Don’t Buy

24-Hours – Down 14% | Current Price: $0.50 | Yesterday’s Price $0.59

Yesterday we recommended holders of Stellar sell up and recoup what are hopefully some gains from its five-day run up over the $60 per coin mark.

That’s why it’s a good idea to check in with HNW every day, and sign up to The Crypto Millionaire above.

We can only hope those holding Stellar just now bought in long before the current mid-tier malaise that’s now being experienced by this cryptocurrency.

But while XLM remains a country mile away from any HNW recommended buy-in point, it appears now to be getting closer by the day.

HNW’s Recommendation: You may want to hold off on selling up now and, if the drop continues, start to up your holdings when it dips into the $25 and below range. New buyers should wait for the $0.10 to $0.12 range – the more adventurous might look in at about $0.20. 


Litecoin (LTC) | Status – Sell / Hold

24-Hours – Down 7% | Current Price: $169 | Yesterday’s Price: $182

Well, we told you so in yesterday’s Cryptocurrency Top 10 Rankings. Litecoin has dropped off a crypto cliff over the past two days and we expect that general trend to continue but at a less fierce pace over the next seven days.

After peaking at $350 + in mid-to late December, Litecoin has been hamstrung at the mid-tier point of that previous vault for almost two weeks (almost a mirror of Bitcoin Cash).

And as we also said, we remain convinced that a bottoming-out period followed by a nice rebound in Q1 is on the cards for Litecoin. 

HNW’s Recommendation: The smart buy is at $55 to $75. The more adventurous might consider a stake at $100. We expected a visit to both of those price ranges in the coming weeks for Litecoin. 


EOS (EOS) | Status – Sell

24-Hours – Down 10.3% | Current Price: $12.50 | Yesterday’s Price: $14.08


As above with Stellar, if you didn’t heed our recommendation to sell up yesterday, then today you might be feeling the burn.

We picked up that the odd price plateau EOS had been inhabiting was not a mid-tier correction, and subsequently changed our wait-and-see perspective to “sell and enhance your position on the next upswing.”

We can only hope you did as we expect more downswing before the positive stuff begins again.

HNW’s Recommendation: Ideally, the $3 to $5 range is where you want to get in with EOS.


NEO (NEO) | Status – Hold, Hold, Hold…

24-Hours – Down 5% | Current Price: $148 | Yesterday’s Price: $157

Sure, it’s tempting but don’t buy into NEO  during this recent short-term drop.

For those who already hold NEO and are looking for some damage control, particularly if you got in at the $100 range or below, you might want to shift to Bitcoin or Ripple and pick it back up on the next upswing.

NEO’s 15 January price of $192 might feel like it’s a long way off now, but have faith that the Altcoin leaders will rebound as we come to February and March of 2018.

And remember that NEO has a penchant for long-ish sustained rises before the falls.

HNW’s Recommendation: The brave will see an opportunity at $75 per coin, but this is an ideal buy at $25 to $50.


NEM (XEM) | Status – Sell

24-Hours – Down 13% | Current Price: $0.82 | Yesterday’s Price: $0.95

Did you sell your NEM like we told you to yesterday?

If not, you just watched an ugly $0.13 slide tear the skin off Monday’s price.

As noted before, the slow sustained slide for NEM continues; good news for eager buyers, not so good for those holding this coin and watching prices weaken.

But after the current ugly has passed we expect NEM to become the crypto darling alongside Cardano in the Altcoin Top 10.

Be patient now as we move steadily towards a more realistic buy-in ceiling (see below).

HNW’s Recommendation: If you’re already in you might want to stay the course and recoup on the next big upswing. If you’re on the outside, wait for that $0.50 ceiling to break.


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