Today’s Judas Goat – Renewable Energy: How to Watch TV by Candlelight…

“A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing: one that sounds good, and a real one.” – J P Morgan

By Ed Emerson

Love the chart from Mark Perry of the Carpe Diem blog on AEI regarding fossil fuels and renewables. Time to get off the government subsidy tit and see if these things can stand on their own:


Mark Perry writes:

“According to new forecasts out to the year 2040 by the Energy Information Administration in its just-released Annual Energy Outlook 2015, fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) will continue to supply more than 81% of the energy consumed in the US for at least the next quarter century. And for all of the hype about renewable energy and substantial taxpayer subsidies, renewables (hydropower, biomass, solar and wind) will only supply slightly more energy in 2040 as a share of the total (9.5%) than in 1949 (9.3%).”

It’s just another fuel cell for the fear-economy, warming a Judas Goat – those animals they train to associate with the herd and then lead the lambs to the slaughterhouse (read: you and me).

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