Today’s Start Up Links – Declare ‘Email Bankruptcy’ in 2018

E L Emerson

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The Disagree & Commit Principle – Dave Kellogg, @Kellblog

“Explicitly embracing the disagree-and-commit principle is one great way to end endless, nagging disagreements:  we met to discuss the issue, we came to a conclusion, I know you didn’t agree with it, but you need to commit to execute it wholeheartedly.  (Else we’re going to have a conversation about insubordination.)  We want a rational culture.  We debate ideas.  But we need to make and execute decisions, and you’re not going to agree with every one…”

Measuring Good Decisions – Hunter Walk, @hunterwalk

“I meet people early in their professional lives who spend too much time calculating the anticipated outcome versus understanding why they were making the decision in the first place – Trying to reverse engineer the right decision using lists of pros and cons, versus an understanding of who they are and who they want to be…”

Declaring Email Bankruptcy in 2018 – Fred Wilson, @avc

“I had 1,625 unread emails in my inbox this morning.

I have archived all of them that came in during 2017.

If you sent me an email in 2017 and did not get a reply, you won’t.

I am starting the year fresh. It feels good.”

No Room in the Bed for my iPhone – Mark Suster, @msuster

“Two years ago I made a commitment to stop bringing my mobile phone into my bedroom and with like a 95% compliance rate this made a big improvement. At night time I don’t check my email or social feed right before bed, which helps me from having last-minute anxiety before going to sleep. But more concerning for me is that I often found myself checking email or social feeds in bed in the morning and this is a TOTAL waste…”

Three Bad Pieces of Start Up Advice – Heidi Zak, @ThirdLove

“Unfortunately, not all the advice I got as a young founder was that good.

Some of it was just plain wrong. I worry that young founders are all getting the same advice. So, I’d like to set the record straight.

Here are three pieces of advice I got as a young founder, and why they were wrong…”

E L Emerson, Editor, HNW


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