The One 2018 Resolution You’ll Want to Keep

Emerson –¬†

I’ll bet a lot of folks doubled-down on New Year’s resolutions in 2012, just because the expected Mayan Armageddon meant they wouldn’t be held accountable.

And that tact is as much human nature as it is an easy gambit.

So this year, like so many before it, the New Year resolution’s path of least resistance and commitment will continue its annual Niagra Falls-like plummet towards herd mentality complacency; and suffer the long-term benefits of typical goals like better health, career change and their associated¬† emotional compound interest.

So with resolution mortality rate levels trumping even those of Trump administration advisers, a sustainability strategy has become a festive season must-have.

Otherwise, the stats show our resolve to achieve these commitments tends to slowly drift away with the hangover residues in which most of them were born.

In 2018, HNW has resolved to focus a weekly publication to help keep you on the road to wealth in 2018, regardless of the temerity of your Hogmanay vows, (drunk or sober).

That process starts right here.

And the best bit is that it’s a free no-risk weekly education without worry of subsequent sales pitches or requests to pay us to receive it.

All it takes is your email address.

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