Wall Street Darwinism: Only The Long Survive

By Alan Steel

The one man I know who actually did accurately predict the 2008 financial crisis, Joe Kalish of Ned Davis Research (NDR) – and before you ask I didn’t listen to him either – believes this isn’t time to rush into caution.  

In 2008 he recommended only holding 40% in equities. Today NDR still suggests 65% exposure.

And what’s reassuring is long haul successful fund managers like Neil Woodford and Carl Stick agree. 

In a couple of client rooms we have a picture of two peaks with a valley between. On the first peak are the words “Greed/Buy”, in the valley “Fear/Sell”, and on the second peak “Repeat Until Broke”.  

Stop reacting to short term headlines and the opinions of pundits and journalists. 

Successful investing is a long game. And only the long survive. 

Read this There’s Something Odd Going On It’s from Alan Steel and gives a fuller picture of the article above. 


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