What Wealthy People Do Every Day…

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By The Brunette

Ever wonder what wealthy people do in the morning to eke out the life they endeavoured to create?

According to author Laura Vanderkam who wrote What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, those first few hours of the day are when rich people tend invest in top priority activities before the rush of other priorities washes away that A.M. opportunity.

A poll of senior executives by Vanderkam revealed how 90% wake before 6am during the working week, with the view that productive mornings begin with the roosters.

Ben Franklin’s proverb “Early to bed and early to rise…” aside, much ado was made of a recent study carried out by the University of Madrid where conceptual and analytical thinking scores were higher amongst those who left top priorities to the evening…except this survey involved 1,000 teenagers, and not adults with daily work commitments beyond the day’s pop quiz at school and thinking about clean gym socks.

Our suggestion: Plan and strategize while you’re fresh and when willpower and energy levels are at maximum strength.


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