Whisky Tango Foxtrot: As Cold As Ice

The things designed to lead us astray”

By Ed Emerson

Stock market reporting reminds me a lot of climate change news: Both err heavily towards the assumption of apocalypse, as the descriptions of the clamour of the four horsemen’s respective hoofs drown out all semblance of rational thinking.  

And it’s wildly popular stuff, sold as if we’re the eighth kingdom of Westeros in Game of Thrones…and the white walkers are melting as they march.

So it came as little surprise that from between today’s investment tales of supposed grief and woe leapt the news that an ice bereft earth and its rising sea levels – due to anthropogenic  causes – will soon be pouring through the streets of Miami, Boston and Nagoya (wherever that is). 

Enter the UN’s climate science body calling for an extra metre or two of brine by 2100…followed by a few thousands scribbled words of Armageddon-like endorsement warning us to cut emissions.

And then, in one of the final three sentences it read:   

“The scientists calibrated their model against geological records of events 125,000 years ago and 3m years ago, when the temperature was similar to today but sea level was much higher.

Hey, wait a minute. This has happened before? 125,000 years ago and 3 million years ago…?

What were we manufacturing back then? Wooden hunting spears in Africa’s Rift Valley, or mud huts for the rich and famous?

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