Who’s Up? Who’s Down? Bitcoin Atom Drops a Bomb, as PetroDollar, Dimecoin and Unitus Bring Home the Bacon

E L Emerson

In today’s Who’s Up? Who’s Down? we look at the rapidly rising PetroDollar, Dimecoin and Unitus, and the cryptocurrency currently whistling fastest towards the ground: Bitcoin Atom (Futures) – and we’ll tell you which ones we think are the best buys, holds and sells of the day. 

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UP In The Last 24 Hours…

PetroDollar (XPD) | Up 72%

Current Price: $0.039

In the last 24 hours PetroDollar has risen from a price of $0.021 up to $0.039, with a mid-morning spike that breached the $0.044 mark. 

The seven-day period marked a momentum building downswing that touched on $0.017 before swinging rapidly back upwards into its current $0.030 to $0.040 range.

But the latest short-term movements mask a serious retrenchment by PetroDollar over the past three weeks as it fell steadily downward off its month-long high of $0.086.  

HNW’s Recommendation: Wait for a price of between $0.008 to $0.015 before buying, and then be prepared to move quickly on a sale after the next peak above $0.065. You can buy PetroDollar at Binance.


Dimecoin (DIME) | Up 64%

Current Price: $0.000179

I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with the price movements of this altcoin.

The spikes between $0.00012 and $0.00018 have come thick and fast over the last 24 hours.

And, like PetroDollar, this week has seen something of a momentum-building downswing followed by an equally rapid upswing with spikes that a porcupine would be proud of.

Perspective from the one month and one year views reveal Dimecoin is actually in a middle range postion and nowhere near what we see as a good buy-in point. 

HNW’s Recommendation: Wait for the next downswing to the $0.00005 to $0.00010 range before taking out your imaginary wallet. When it gets there, you can buy Dimecoin at Binance.


Unitus (UIS) | Up 57%

Current Price $0.0856

Unitus is in the second phase of an upswing that is right now delivering serious value to traders and investors who got in at the $0.050 level and below.

For the courageous out there you might want to gamble that Unitus has one more serious upward spike in this current price movement.

But if you buy in now keep a close eye on when it breaks the $0.0125 watermark, and be prepared to cut and run to another currency. 

HNW’s Recommendation: One for the brave (or stupid) to buy at Binance.


DOWN In The Last 24 Hours…

Bitcoin Atom (Futures) (BCA) | Down 80%

Current Price $78.70

In yesterday’s Who’s Up? Who’s Down? we slapped a serious health warning on Bitcoin Atom (Futures), marking it as one for the brave only, and noted that it could be that someone is propping up the price to lure in the unsuspecting fish.

Boy were we right!

The floor well and truly fell out on 25th January for Bitcoin Atom (Futures), as the currency’s price suddenly dropped off a cliff from $418.47 to $100 in a matter of about 20 minutes.

That’s the wonderful world of trading in obscure (and even some mainstay) cryptocurrencies.

The seven-day picture should have made it clear to most traders out there that this one was on a bad slant after an $822 peak on 18 January began a rapid descent. Classic candle stuff here, folks.

For those relative few who enjoyed the ballistic missile that Bitcoin Atom (Futures) rode from $0.00 to $$1,550 on 14th January, well done.

And for those who bought in afterwards and have held fire with gritted teeth, your exit strategy might be to abandon all hope until the next 14 second spike. Seems like someone is playing silly buggers with this coin at the moment.

HNW Recommendation: Smoke’em if ya got’em. Or gamble and buy now at Binance.


NOTE: You’ll notice that HNW recommends using at Binance to buy / trade. This is an affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything to use and if you sign up to Binance it helps us to pay the bills.


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