Who’s Up? Who’s Down? IOStoken, Bitcoin Atom & GAIA Rise, But Biggest Loser CraveCoin is the Buy of the Day

E L Emerson

In today’s  Who’s Up? Who’s Down? we look at the sparks flying off IOStoken (IOST), Bitcoin Atom Futures (BCA), and GAIA (GAIA), and the crash landing of CraveCoin – which might just be the best buy of the day!

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UP In The Last 24 Hours…

IOStoken (IOST) |Up 116%

Current Price: $0.089

IOStoken has risen from $0.041 to its current high following a jump up from $0.02 on 16 January.

Trading volumes of $414 million are quite high for a coin of this size. In fact, it was reported five days ago those volumes exceeded Ethereum (on HUOBI) since its arrival on the scene a few short weeks ago.

There’s no public initial coin offering (ICO) for IOStoken but the technology behind the coin appears sound. 

HNW’s Recommendation: IOStoken is currently at a price peak. Wait for the drop off to the $0.02 range, then buy in slowly on the rise. Get IOStoken at Binance.


Bitcoin Atom (Futures) (BCA) | Up 97%

Current Price: $409

Bitcoin Atom (Futures) peaked around the $480 mark earlier today before settling in at around the $400 range.

On a seven day view, the current price looks like a potential bargain – BCA peaked at over $1,550 on 14th January before a steady decline over nine days down to $209 on 23rd January.

This is a new coin so it comes with a usual health warning. Also, volumes of 150,000 are light, meaning it could be just a few players propping up the price to lure in the unsuspecting fish.

HNW’s Recommendation: Only for the brave. This is potentially a good buy in the $200 to $400 range, but be prepared to recoup your gains if it scales up to $1,200 plus. Buy Bitcoin Atom (Futures) on Binance.


GAIA  (GAIA) | Up 80%

Current Price $0.0856

GAIA began a late day 7% drop off of today’s high marks ($0.19 and then $0.18) down to just about where it started its price rise yesterday at this time: $0.09.

The seven day view shows a price range meandering between $0.05 and $0.10 before today’s spikes. 

Over the past month we can see a buy range closer to between $0.02 to $0.04.

This looks like a wait-and-see coin until it drops down from its current median range to a better buy-in price.

HNW’s Recommendation: Wait for the dip to $0.03, then buy it at Binance.


DOWN In The Last 24 Hours…

CraveCoin (Crave) | Down 90%

Current Price $2.62

Crave surfed the curl of market sentiment over the last 24 hours, then fell hard off its board over night from a high of $6.75 down to the lower ebbs of $0.75 at one point.

It’s been on a slow recovery for most of today back to its current price.

The recent drop marks the end of a seven day stretch that saw a steady zig zag between the $6.00 and $9.00 range, in a month that saw $12.00 + high points.

HNW Recommendation: You have to buy what you believe in. The current price looks like a bargain deal considering the lifelong price range of CraveCoin. Buy now at Binance.


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