Olive Crisis Claims ‘The Truth’ As First Victim

The recent article in Middle East Online, “Tunisia Olive Production at Risk of Halving by 2030” is a curious tale of climate change reckoning.

It tells of the plight of a nation’s mainstay export product, olives, and the heart-rending challenges faced by the latest generation of Tunisian farmers…until the 9th paragraph of this tissue-grabber that is, where the anonymous scribbler reveals Tunisia has just become the world’s leading exporter of olives.

The main problem appeared to be that they’ve never had to water the plants before and now have to learn how to irrigate the soil.

Now, when I first saw the word “olives” in the title of this little ditty, I fully expected a sojourn into the financially deprived state of Greece (read: Won’t pay your taxes? Don’t worry, the world will pay’em for you).

That’s because Greece has agreed with its international creditors to unblock 12 billion euros in bailout funds. Déjà vu all over again?

Yep, Greek banks have already been handed a 39 billion euro bailout and thus continues its rather effective modus operandi; Lie about paying your taxes, then hire a Wall Street bank (read: Goldman Sachs) to help you mask the true extent of your deficits (read: bring on the derivatives deal) and abracadabra alakazam…you’ve circumvented the EU Maastricht rules and it’s IMF slush fund salvation.

The truth is always the first victim in any crisis. And if you’re not actually facing a crisis, olive or otherwise, make like there will be one soon.

Then learn to water the plants until the IMF shows up with cash and someone to do that for you.

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